Take Him Home and Love Him . . .

A story of autism and how to cope with it.

by Mary Ann Puckett

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree, author & educator Mary Ann Puckett has been an educator for over 19 years. Since the birth of her autistic son over two decades ago she has been an autism advocate. Mrs. Puckett served on the board of the Oklahoma City chapter for autism for over 5 years and continues to participate in national and local autism conferences. She assisted in the development of autism programs in the Oklahoma City Public Schools and consults with parents of children with autism. She attends Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings with parents, helping to assure that their child receives an appropriate autism education. 

Mrs. Puckettís book titled, Take Him Home and Love Him, A Story of Autism and How to Cope With It, is a personal and heartwarming story of her experiences with her sonís disability. Including various methods and interventions used, Mrs. Puckettís book is a narrative of her son Stephenís life from birth to his present age. Currently she is promoting her book with the intention of raising awareness of the many struggles that families face in living with a family member who has autism.